Nostos set of 5 resistance bands


Power up your fitness journey, anywhere, anytime!


How to use it?

Choose the band that suits your current strength level. Anchor the band at chest level (or adjust as required) and hold the ends in each hand. Perform resistance exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses and more. Great for warming up, strength training, yoga, and physical therapy.


When to use it?

Use it anytime you want a comprehensive workout. It’s perfect for home routines, gym sessions, outdoor workouts, or when traveling. Ideal for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.


Made of:

Our Nostos Resistance Bands are made from premium, skin-friendly natural latex. The set comes with 5 bands of varying resistance levels, ensuring a complete fitness solution.


x-light :    60cm x 5cm x 0.03cm    resistance: 2.27kg

light:         60cm x 5cm x 0.05cm  resistance: 4.5kg

medium:  60cm x 5cm x 0.07cm  resistance: 6.9kg

heavy:     60cm x 5cm x 0.09cm  resistance: 9kg

x-heavy:  60cm x 5cm x 0.11cm  resistance: 11.3kg

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