About us

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Do you remember life before neck pain plagued you?

When did lower back pain become your constant companion?

Have you been watching weather forecasts to plan your next nature escape around your aches?

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Muscle and joint pain are not inevitable parts of ageing.


Nostos Center is designed to help you regain the quality of life you deserve. 


Inspired by the ancient Greek concept of ‘Nostos,’ which signifies the blessed day of homecoming, we guide you back to your own ‘Ithaca’—a life with reduced or no pain. Our mission is to return you to a level of living where headaches, migraines, and various bodily pains are not obstacles.

With treatments like chiropractic care, reflexology, various types of therapeutic massage, and other natural healing methods, we aim to restore your physical and mental well-being. If you yearn for the days when pain wasn’t your waking thought, contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the therapy that’s right for you.

Some Words From Our Founder

Born in Afandou, Rhodes in 1989, I initially aspired to become a lawyer but later found my calling in healthcare. While studying to become a preschool teacher, I also helped in my father’s physiotherapy clinic. My interactions with patients steered me toward a career in chiropractic care.

Before completing my education, I decided to shift my focus. Supported by my open-minded father, I pursued specialized chiropractic studies in Greece and abroad. My research was honored with two awards at the University of South Wales, where I also began my Ph.D. focused on chiropractic care for cancer patients. 

I then moved to the UK and worked in Essex and London, treating people from all walks of life and earning the Young Associate of the Year award from the British Chiropractic Association. I was also published in academic journals and presented at international conferences. 

Despite career success abroad, my desire to contribute to my community in Rhodes compelled me to return. I founded Nostos Center, symbolizing both my homecoming and my commitment to help others live pain-free.”


Maria Laoudikou,

Owner of Nostos Center